Wednesday, May 26, 2010

rachel ashwells garden~

I was taken back by these pictures! Such simple beauty! This is on Rachel Ashwells blog site. She planted this garden from wee pots 2 years ago! She said it's been said that lavender was planted on footpaths to spill over and brush up against the petticoats of those who walked by. Oh that's how you do it...I'm running through a field of it!
I do have some pictures of things to share that I have been making! I have been very busy this week!
BOTH MY KIDS ARE MOVING HOME!!!!! Oh my goodness! Mark and I are rejoicing! We have not had them both together in over 6 years! I have been busy preparing rooms....making space and cooking. Bubba (Jonathan) arrives tonight. Kenzie (McKenzie) arrives Friday. Mark and Bubba will drive to Southern California Friday to help her move all her things.
The Lord is kind.....and like Hannah He has not forgotten me!
hang on hang on trying to get an Etsy up and running!
bless and hugs
pamy j

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