Saturday, May 15, 2010

a day in my neighbourhood

Today was a free day for me....I finished the CC bags -mailed them off! Went grocery shopping then took a walk on the beach which is just across the street. Then Mark and I jumped on the bikes to take a quick ride.

Stunning area~I pinch myself everyday. California living! The best part is I live in the same neighbourhood! I know, I know! Don't get the wrong idea...we live in a little cottage NOTHING grand! The fun part is Mark and I walk and ride our bikes in front of these everyday! I love my wee cottage though....I just can't imagine what I would do with a house that big....I mean how much do you need and what do they do for a living?
Still fun to look at! Some look sooo French!
Just California coastal living! The funny thing is some of these homes are right down the street from wee ones that people bought years ago before everything got so out of hand for pennies I'm sure! I feel blessed to be so close to the ocean. It was all the Lord!
bless & hugs!
pamy j

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