Tuesday, November 30, 2010


just found this on chez fifi's blog....love her blog~

as for me ....doing better~ they got everything... I have clean margins ...I start treatment soon~ will update you on what is next~ so thankful~

This is a lovely mannequin given to me (2 of them actually I call them "the girls").... I had wanted one for so long! The faith necklace on it was bought for me at Ruby Rose in SLO. So precious!

Another gift this lovely bracelet my friend Tami bought for me. It's made out of vintage earrings....so adorable I wear it all the time! Might have to make some!

bless & hugs!
pamy j

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

beauty beyond what we see~

Surgery was last Friday~ all went well. I was amazed at the peace of God that came over me before I was brought into the surgical unit. Then I felt as if I was in the most amazing deep sleep....much to my surprise to hear my name called as I opened my eyes I asked," was it in my lympthnodes"? They responded with no.
I cannot tell you the tears that rolled down my face looking to share with anyone in that room of God's amazing grace! And I did just that!
I have been recuperating at home with much love of old and new friends. We have been blessed with meals, phone calls and texts from all over the world....so thankful that you are my friends ! So thankful to know you have been praying for me....I can feel those prayers....i have so needed them!

Well, my road is one day at a time as I wait yet again. I must admit I don't like being in this "wait and see" mode.

I go to see the surgeon this Wed (day before Thanksgiving) to find out all of my pathology reports....stage this cancer ...know the treatment I have ahead of me (chemo/radiation). I have come off a mountain and feel a bit melancholy....and a wee bit tired....

My bandages are allowed to come off today...I can hardly look ....all of this is such a strange place to be at the moment.... i'm reminded of the inner beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit....
so...trust I do.....God has me in the palm of His hand and He promises to never let go....there I find my rest....in Him I get my strength for the next step....

here are some cute pics of a birdie from my friend Shannon a gift perched in a lovely plant accompanied by a sweet meal....
look closethis little birdie has sweet little paper words on his bottom that are shredded and aged....love it, love it!

bless & hugs
pamy j

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In my weakness...He is strong~

How do you start a post that has many tears attached to it? How do you describe something so personal so private? How do you comfort when you are hurting and yet you don't want others to hurt too?
I feel as though I'm in a theme park on a roller coaster just going up the tracks to the top. I know there is no stopping ... I'm anticipating the top because I know it will zoom out of control in a hang on for your life ride.
That's where I'm at.....
In the past 2 weeks my life has completely changed.

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It seems like such a blur....
I could go into details of some of the pain and mistakes made by the medical field.....a radiologist here in the states missing my calcification's....2 biopsies that showed fibrocystic changes ( NEW Zealand)....then you ask yourself did they get the microcalcifications in the biopsy....did they miss it? How can someone who was ALWAYS under the scope have this happen?
Mark and I moved back 11 months ago from New Zealand to California.....we were just settling in getting our lives back to normal. His insurance had just kicked in with his work.... About 2 months ago He came out of his office and said to me ...."the Lord told me you have to go get a mammogram right away". He has never done that in our entire marriage of 26 years. Well...I was so mad at him....thinking to myself I am ALWAYS on top of mammogram ALWAYS! So I made my appointment because it had only been one year since my last one .... it kind of frightened me.
They told me they saw something.....all I could think was oh brother...it's in the 1:00 position and it's just the same old nothing....but they wanted to biopsy it & that they did. So when they phoned me (at work) and told me my husband was on his way I knew..I knew......her words invasive ring over and over in my head.....Mark arrived at my work and we went outside and just held each other sobbing, as my sweet husband cried out to the Lord," why her and not me....I would take this from her Lord".
So here I am.....before the Lord... i'm weak...He is strong...I am sad ...He is my Joy....I have cancer... but He is life....oh my soul why are thou so cast down? I can't get up....but He picks me up like a little sheep and turns me back over on my feet....
I have felt His breath pass over me....the breath of life...the breath he breathed on Adam...I am but dust.....but He has given me life....
I don't want my blog (that I have neglected) to become sad....but I want to keep you in the know...so many emails and texts from you~I have felt your prayers....they sustain me....I have read your scriptures...listen to your council....you are friends~when one part of the body hurts the whole body hurts....thank you~
I have some of the best Dr's here...our family physician is a Christan man who we have known for years....he has been the most caring ..praying with us...clearing time for me with all my questions such a support....my surgeon is one of the most well known in this area the very best....

I go in for surgery this Friday at 4:00pm (Ca. time) I am asking for prayer that it is not in my lympth nodes...they get it all... God's hand on me....

The Psalms have been especially comforting to me...when I'm afraid His peace washes over me....He keeps me in that perfect peace...because my mind is stayed upon Him~

I guess the best thing is pink still makes me smile.....

thank you for your love~

bless & hugs~
pamy j