Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am remembering all the things I have left behind, sold or given away~ Besides everything you can ever imagine to plug in ( I have nothing electrical...yikes). I am in need of a shower curtain another bed, towels, lamps, washer, dryer, refrigerator a couch and the list goes on.....

I feel as though I'm starting over again....funny because I've been down this road before!

I am reminded of the scripture....Trust in the Lord with all your heart......lean not on your own understanding.....keep going...

on the hunt for a few things that look like this....courtesy of anthropology!! Simple & sweet...

Bless & hugs!

Pamy j

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

trust in me~

Here they fun to sit with only a few things in front of you and create~

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sweat heart~

I saw this on Holly Doddle's blog...she makes such lovely things...had to post it!
~still waiting for our container to arrive and to move into our place Feb 1. I find myself at time thinking will I ever have a house again, my own things? Is my new dresser a suitcase? Meanwhile I am SO very thankful for this time of waiting and the place we have been given to stay until our place is ready.
My days are spent going over to my Mums applying online for jobs searching for something close to where we will be living (I'm 30 miles from there now ). Mark has been studying for a class he starts Monday that will last for two weeks (more on that later). We have spent a lot of time running around so many things .....phones we needed....starting PG&E account...mail plus we do not own anything electric anymore (different wattage) so if you are looking for a house warming gift (lol) I need kitchen name it whatever plugs in!
Today, Saturday, I found myself at the kitchen table in the home we are staying with the need to create. I had some old sheet music I copied at my Mums.(I found in an antique shop for 1.50)...white card stock...a few jewels and glue. I made a lovely vintage dove...I will take a picture and post it. It is just dreamy... I was feeling a bit blue, I looked down on the sheet music to see written 'trust in me'! I couldn't believe my eyes ! I cut it out & pasted it right across the front of the dove, a proud banner! It was as if the Lord hand wrote it Himself just for me!
trust in Me!
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

Saturday, January 23, 2010




nest~ knock~

Friday, January 22, 2010


Pouring here! I mean flooding....I am NOT complaining at all because it is SO needed! I'm actually laughing a bit because some of the locals in the shops are very concerned with the floods and high winds. Well, we are just acting like it is nothing....
Gosh we have lived in Wellington NZ for 5.5 years. It rains and pours and the winds blow! To tell you the truth the winds would make a Californian weep! So we are out and about driving in all this...hee he!
I have been out job hunting....praying for an open door to use my gifts....a chance to work with my hands perhaps? I find myself on my knees as we should always be~seeking His best for our lives....such comfort~
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

come for tea~

This is all I want to say to my friends, "come for tea"! I love this from Rachel Ashwell's blog.....I can't wait to have a table again....shipping container hopefully arrives Feb 1!
I'm looking forward to sweet fellowship in my home with many friends....with hopes my sweet freinds from afar will come for a visit too!
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a cottage on pine~

Today I had a little spare time so I ran out to a little shoppe that I just love~ A Cottage on Pine in Paso Robles Calif...
Oh this boutique makes my heart sing! It is just so darling....The nicest ladies work in it and the furniture is just dreamy~ This door was bought in Texas by the owner. She hauled it all the way back to California and placed it in the perfect place in her shoppe.....oohhh...
I'm dreaming.....
I love how thw Lord brings pretty things my way!
Bless & hugs!
Pamy j

Saturday, January 16, 2010


pink pink.....!
We finally found a house to rent! I have limited Internet access right now so my posts are few at the moment. I have also come to realize how much I dislike facebook (love my friends though) so you won't find me there that much.
Back to the house.....we found a cottage in Shell Beach! It looks like it is a 1940's-60 house! The Lord just really blessed us...we had been looking EVERWHERE and oh so tired! It was SO hard to find a house to rent. We happened to pass by this and saw the 'for rent' sign out front. The owner was inside painting with her Mum. When I walked in the first thing I noticed was the kitchen....which she apologized for the colour (hee he). I couldn't believe it, I told her I was probably one of the rare few that would love that kitchen!'s PINK!! Rachel Ashwell would approve I must say....
We prayed (as there were 2 houses we put in applications for). The Lord closed one door and opened this one....I feel really is a small cottage with 2 bathrooms 3 bedrooms very vintage with tons of for now that is where we will live. Our container arrives the beginning of Feb. We move in Feb 1.
I will post pics.....
I feel as though my prayer life has soared through all of this transition....I am also praying for you too! I love the verse...Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart......find it and read it....
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

Sunday, January 10, 2010


House hunting.....
I was reading this morning in my devotions about trials. I feel I have had my share lately~ Did you realize we are to consider it all joy when we encounter various trials? I know what your thinking, oh sure! We are being see the Lord wants us to shine...He wants to see His reflection in us!
So how do we handle them? In this past few days...McKenzie has had a fender bender.... which will cost us the deductible cost...her brakes went out that cost us 400.00...we are looking for a house (and yes I love this little shack! ).
On the flip side....we were given a car a huge SUV....and a place to stay for the time being....I feel so blessed!
I can pray.....
I'm thankful for my friends who pray for us too~
Bless & Hugs!
Pamy j

Thursday, January 7, 2010

a beach cottage~

all I can say is ahhh simple beauty ~
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

Monday, January 4, 2010


Shadows~ lovely shadows on an old building in Wellington NZ I took the day before we left. I thought they were so pretty. Do you ever feel like a shadow falls over you and you are just waiting for the sun?

I was reminded by the Lord today how important it is as we look ahead to this new year to reflect upon all He has done this past year and share it with someone! Do you realize we encourage each other as we share of all God's blessings!
King David in Psalm 77 talking about his troubles and refusing to be comforted...then in 77:11-12 he says I will remember the works of the Lord; surely I will remember Your wonders of old! I will meditate on all Your work, and talk of your deeds. This helps us to see all the Lord has done for us....and will continue to do!
Remember & share~
Bless & Hugs!
pamy j