Friday, May 14, 2010


I have been working the past few days~ I feel challenged in many ways. I'm learning a new computer system.....(ha ha) those of you who know me realize I use the computer for relaxation, only to view my favorite blog sites! I'm finally feeling more comfortable now that I am opening and closing the store ( I had a great teacher... an added blessing!). When I'm not working I have been designing these bags for CC. They have turned out really cute. I am sending off the prototypes tomorrow and will opening an Etsy account very soon too!

I find myself in a place of sheer bliss while sorting through my cottons and linens. I'm at ease when my hand touches that beautiful Bernina, I feel so in control!And then I have a slight case of the giggles when I open my box of old vintage lace and precious jewels, a feeling of joy over floods me.. strange ha ha, believe me nothing but JESUS can ever bring more joy~ but for some reason He created me to go weak at the knees with beauty!

So my line will include CC bags...and Kenzie bags!
Here are things that inspire me....I will tak photos tomorrow !

bless & hugs!
pamy j

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