Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Monday, January 24, 2011


I found a lovely blog called dreamy whites~ ohh she has some definite dreamy things!

I'm creating....getting inspired feels so good! I don't know about you but for me it all starts by day dreaming. I am a dreamer I'll admit it. I even talk to myself getting lost in all the possibilities of a simple vintage button. I think most creative people have to be like that. It has to start out as a dream.
Right now I'm inspired by French linens & dreamy faded whites that are time worn.
Have lots of appointments tomorrow...cat scan and set up for radiation... I might be getting a few tattoo's lol....oh gee! They have to mark me... I'm doing well.....took a long bike ride with Mark and Jonathan~so fun!

bless & hugs!
pamy j

Monday, January 17, 2011

simple beauty~

I love simple days~ lots of shinning light, anything in white, a bowl full of yummy pink roses and of course throw in the old linens and I'm set!

I had the most amazing day today with my friend Kristen. She is sooo talented her house makes me weak to my knee's it's SO beautiful! She was very kind to cut my hair and give me some lovely highlights...(i had been waiting wondering if I would have any hair... heavy sigh).
What a long hard week ...MRI, more agressive biopsies ugh, ugh, ugh a bit of a scare when they found something else ... but all ok except my wounds boo hoo!
I am thanking the Lord BIG time! Have you ever been face down in an MRI squished into a tube that was super loud told NOT to move with your arms down on your side? Plus I had a cold on top of it all and couldn't even breath. I was so thankful Psalm 23 was in my heart...it's funny how the WORD of GOD gives you such peace at the very moment! When I started to cry the nurse said," now listen you can't cry"! lol.....ok! lol!
So some of my treatment is delayed until I heal once again.....it's my journey...only a test.
I have been working non stop through all of this, I have to say I was a bit tired this week.

It's so wonderful when you can be built up!
My LOVELY friend made me look beautiful! She inspired me to get my creative juices flowing again! Thus the story begins.....I will be designing some lovely things ....her amazing love and talent warmed my heart....her yummy cup of tea (PG Tips...agave...creamer..) .... i needed the SPA treatment today so much! I love how friends build each other up inspire one another and just listen, yes listen.

bless and hugs!
pamy j