Wednesday, May 5, 2010

me the dreamer~

Me? I'm a dreamer~
I have been working a lot lately. When I come home I have my routine of walking or riding my bike. I live in the MOST incredible breath taking part of Calif. As I stroll around the neighbourhoods here I loose myself in the absolute beauty of each home (which I will post).
I have found myself dreaming a lot lately. Some of things that have been-New Zealand mainly will flash before my eyes. It's funny but going in the grocery store can stir memories that take me back to Wellington. A simple thing like a bird flying by, a drop in the temperature! I must admit I have waited for the sound of a Tui a time or two! Today I had a lovely lady from Perth Australia come into the shoppe...ohh I hugged her! She hugged me back too!
heavy sigh~
I have been revisiting my creative side it's been missing for so many years. I seem to be sewing in my spare time between work and life. I'm drawn to the linens, cottons the cream the whites right now. I'm lost in there simplicity. So fresh and alive .... I am creating and making the most adorable bags heart is singing....
I have traveled through blog land late at night....(insomnia)
So here is my suitcase as I travel back in time and my heart.....
will show you pictures as I get them finished~
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

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