Friday, May 28, 2010

cute ideas for weddings or garden parties~

i came across these and thought i would share ....what lovely simple ideas for a wedding or a garden party~ a while back i taught a class for some lovely ladies on making wire hanging vintage bottles. i came across these pictures off a german website called Bo.... of course our bottles were more elaborate adorned with jewels, crystals and pearls ....but I'm drawn to the simplicity of these....just simple pretty...enjoy! I'm making some!

jonathan is great to have him home! he and mark are out together at the moment. kenzie arrives tomorrow...i will post more pictures in the next few days~

my bags are adorable....can't wait to share!

bless & hugs!
pamy j

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

rachel ashwells garden~

I was taken back by these pictures! Such simple beauty! This is on Rachel Ashwells blog site. She planted this garden from wee pots 2 years ago! She said it's been said that lavender was planted on footpaths to spill over and brush up against the petticoats of those who walked by. Oh that's how you do it...I'm running through a field of it!
I do have some pictures of things to share that I have been making! I have been very busy this week!
BOTH MY KIDS ARE MOVING HOME!!!!! Oh my goodness! Mark and I are rejoicing! We have not had them both together in over 6 years! I have been busy preparing rooms....making space and cooking. Bubba (Jonathan) arrives tonight. Kenzie (McKenzie) arrives Friday. Mark and Bubba will drive to Southern California Friday to help her move all her things.
The Lord is kind.....and like Hannah He has not forgotten me!
hang on hang on trying to get an Etsy up and running!
bless and hugs
pamy j

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We had some friends over the other day~ I made a traditional kiwi pavlova for dessert...oh yummy! I bought a darling tea towel before I left NZ with the recipe on it! Confession~I actually never made this in New Zealand. I guess because the Kiwi's always made them so well where ever we went! I'm really enjoying making them now!

Along with that I made some wonderful tapas.....scones with dried cherries, cream cheese, heavy cream and butter cut into the flour....cherry & vanilla extract ohh la la! We barbecued a lovely tri tip!
Friend's fellowship & food!

I have good news coming up!
bless & hugs!

pamy j

Saturday, May 15, 2010

a day in my neighbourhood

Today was a free day for me....I finished the CC bags -mailed them off! Went grocery shopping then took a walk on the beach which is just across the street. Then Mark and I jumped on the bikes to take a quick ride.

Stunning area~I pinch myself everyday. California living! The best part is I live in the same neighbourhood! I know, I know! Don't get the wrong idea...we live in a little cottage NOTHING grand! The fun part is Mark and I walk and ride our bikes in front of these everyday! I love my wee cottage though....I just can't imagine what I would do with a house that big....I mean how much do you need and what do they do for a living?
Still fun to look at! Some look sooo French!
Just California coastal living! The funny thing is some of these homes are right down the street from wee ones that people bought years ago before everything got so out of hand for pennies I'm sure! I feel blessed to be so close to the ocean. It was all the Lord!
bless & hugs!
pamy j

Friday, May 14, 2010


I have been working the past few days~ I feel challenged in many ways. I'm learning a new computer system.....(ha ha) those of you who know me realize I use the computer for relaxation, only to view my favorite blog sites! I'm finally feeling more comfortable now that I am opening and closing the store ( I had a great teacher... an added blessing!). When I'm not working I have been designing these bags for CC. They have turned out really cute. I am sending off the prototypes tomorrow and will opening an Etsy account very soon too!

I find myself in a place of sheer bliss while sorting through my cottons and linens. I'm at ease when my hand touches that beautiful Bernina, I feel so in control!And then I have a slight case of the giggles when I open my box of old vintage lace and precious jewels, a feeling of joy over floods me.. strange ha ha, believe me nothing but JESUS can ever bring more joy~ but for some reason He created me to go weak at the knees with beauty!

So my line will include CC bags...and Kenzie bags!
Here are things that inspire me....I will tak photos tomorrow !

bless & hugs!
pamy j

Thursday, May 13, 2010

on the hunt~

I'm on the hunt for one of these....a vintage one! I love her! My Nanna use to have one in her sewing room she was an incredible seamstress! So if you know of any give me a shout!
bless & hugs!
pamy j

Saturday, May 8, 2010

come in~ it's open!

sneak peek of a work in process~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

me the dreamer~

Me? I'm a dreamer~
I have been working a lot lately. When I come home I have my routine of walking or riding my bike. I live in the MOST incredible breath taking part of Calif. As I stroll around the neighbourhoods here I loose myself in the absolute beauty of each home (which I will post).
I have found myself dreaming a lot lately. Some of things that have been-New Zealand mainly will flash before my eyes. It's funny but going in the grocery store can stir memories that take me back to Wellington. A simple thing like a bird flying by, a drop in the temperature! I must admit I have waited for the sound of a Tui a time or two! Today I had a lovely lady from Perth Australia come into the shoppe...ohh I hugged her! She hugged me back too!
heavy sigh~
I have been revisiting my creative side it's been missing for so many years. I seem to be sewing in my spare time between work and life. I'm drawn to the linens, cottons the cream the whites right now. I'm lost in there simplicity. So fresh and alive .... I am creating and making the most adorable bags heart is singing....
I have traveled through blog land late at night....(insomnia)
So here is my suitcase as I travel back in time and my heart.....
will show you pictures as I get them finished~
Bless & hugs!
pamy j