Saturday, November 7, 2009

calm & joy

Well, garage sale behind me now~ whew! SO tired~
It's funny to watch people buy your things~ what they choose..... how some of them wheel and deal. My favorite was this gal that came up to me, she had an arm full of clothes (all name brand ... some new..jeans Levi's Marks and mine-we have gained weight She asked me how much for a bag full! I said at first, "well they are individually priced". She kept saying bag....well I thought to myself she must be so poor(she looked weathered) and doesn't have any clothes (the scripture came to my mind when I was naked you clothed me....) So She asked if she could have this huge stack for 10.00 (there was probably $70.00- $80.00 in that stack) of course I felt bad and said yes~ she opened her wallet there was a wad of money... she handed me a fifty! Lol.....I gave her back the 40.00 and I thought to myself....good one! Number one you CAN'T judge people by their outer appearance....and number two... as unto you's ALL yours! The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day ~
calm down don't loose you joy!

Bless and Hugs!
pamy j

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