Saturday, November 28, 2009

her day~

I came across this wedding dress in all my things as I was packing~ It was given to me a long time ago so carefully I had it tucked away. I was told it belonged to a woman from New York~ I thought to myself~her day~ what was it like? Who was she? Her waist was so tiny! Did she marry the love of her life? Did her guests loose their breath as she walked in the chapel? Was she already a bride, the Bride of Christ? I love to reminisce.

Well, I'm tired and a bit much going on~ So I needed to look at something pretty~ I took a lovely few pictures to share.

I am having my last women's study (here) this Tuesday night in my home~ I will share with the ladies from the Word and encourage, exhort, worship together have prayer and then make some dreamy vintage Christmas ornaments one last time before all packed away~ it moves to tears~time is close by for our departure.

Bless & Hugs!

pamy j

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Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Pam ~
That has to be such a strange feeling to be leaving behind what you went to begin ~ but what a blessing !!!
Hugs and lots of prayers !