Tuesday, November 3, 2009

precious keepsake~

~As I'm cleaning out everything and having to let go of half of my things I came across this precious jewelry box of my mum's. I had actually covered it (like we all did in the 90's) with some hideous blue cornflower print ugh! I almost tossed it until the lid popped open and the inside made my heart melt....I hurried and ripped off the ugly fabric ...there it was a lovely old box that my mum probably had all her precious keepsakes in for years ( I do remember it on her dresser and the smell too)....I'm so sad i must have discarded the lock in the 90's off of the front~
Well~this is a keeper!!
What a week for me....sorting through stuff....I have so much for garage sale this weekend......
The Lord keeps pressing on my heart...."trust Me' as i decide what goes....what stays....
Bless & hugs!

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Josh and Jess said...

Oh Pam, it's so beautiful!!!!