Saturday, October 3, 2009

This makes my heart sing~

When I was in California my sweet friend Shannon invited me over to her house for tea and scones~ we also made lovely (hers) soldered charms~

Not only is she is her house~ simple elegance which I love the warm wood tones with the cream and whites~ I tried to get a picture of the apocarathy jars in the kitchen with the tea-cups in them too~ I have some in my kitchen too! Another sweet friend of mine here named Sharyn gave me one (hard to find in New Zealand)!

Isn't she adorable!
I was blessed that day~ this one's for you Lori <3

Big Hugs!
<3 Pam


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh girlfriend ~ I adore her house ! I am dying to craft with you gals !

pamy j heart sings~ said...

We will have to arrange it! Shannon is so talented! Her house is so lovely and she has 500 kids!

Best part for me was how we always bring Jesus into the center of everything! The Lord has given us a love for creating pretty things~so fun when we get the time!


shively4jesus said...

oh my! i thought you were posting just a pic of the jars! scary and even scarier when you click on them they get really big and i can see all the areas that need work!!! you are sweet to say such nice things. that was a sweet time & i look forward to many more. bring lori with you :)

pamy j heart sings~ said...

ha ha! I wondered if you knew what I was up too!

Only you see that Shannon....It is the cutest place ever!

Yes~ Lori..and I htink she is pretty good at soldering! HOw's Genesis going?


shively4jesus said...

you are sneaky! lol. i saw lori's site! oh my! her charms are amazing! genesis has been awesome! loving it! i need to tell Linda how much we are loving it. the ladies are so excited! love you!