Saturday, October 3, 2009


In-between studies we had a craft
night~ we Had a lovely time making these journals~
A few years back at the pastors wives retreat in So. Calif the theme was on Titus 2:7~ in all things showing yourself to be a pattern......we were given these adorable packets of some of the best graphics ever! I will post them....each was on a different sewing pattern....this was a "pattern of conduct". Others were on " a Pattern for marriage" ... a "bride pattern" lovely bride on the front~pattern of servanthood etc...
On the sides of their pictures they didn't skip any details~ instead of saying "simplicity" it said ,"simply in Christ".....then instead of "price" it said ,"paid"! They were all done in color...I died!
Here I photocopied one of them in black and white sized it down.....tea dyed it... beat it up a bit...we stitched them on (all different) and then when you open the inside of the cover the whole list of scriptures regarding each theme ~ same for marrage ect....
On each page ripped pattern pieces, old papers and trims sticking out of the sides...
Each where completely different....( talent in the group)!
I will post the graphics....have to scan them :~)
Big Hugs!

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