Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our daughter McKenzie designed this photo ( of her daddy and brother)~ she is in University (Photography and Journalism.)
In the U.S. She's just so talented...I know she loves to mess around with photoshop! I just had to share ...she took several different photo's and layered them of of the guys in Utah on the of telephone lines...and of trees..I see footprints too....there might be more....she amazes me! I love the gift God has given her....ever since she left us (last year for school) and went back to the U.S. we have had to learn all the computer things ourselves...poor girl we had her fix everything....! Miss her so!
Love you Kenzie!
Bless and hugs


Anonymous said...

awww I love you moma!!\\

Its obvious where I get my creativity from you are so gifted!

I love you!

pamy j heart sings~ said...

I love you too Kenzie!