Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reflecting God~

Who do you look like?
Kay Smiths new book! Yay!
As we look at Christan women today, we see many who know nothing about the abundant life Jesus came to bring them~ And because of this life is less satisfying, less fulfilling, less joyful, and less God-honoring than it should be~
Discover how the woman who reflects God knows:
~She is loved and in turn loves others~
~Who she belongs to, and attracts others to Jesus~
~A spiritual battle is raging, and she intercedes for those entrusted to her~
~Her position in this dark world, and holds out a light to the lost~
She is the King's daughter~
She is clothed in beauty~
She is holy~
She sows to the spirit~
She continually grows~
She is joyful in trials~
She is loving~
She is a friend~
She is obedient~
She keeps her home~
She is an intercessor~
She nurtures the young~
She inspires others~
She knows her protector~
She is content~
Just started reading it!
Bless and hugs!

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