Thursday, April 1, 2010


Oh my! I am sooo sorry for ignoring you for a while! I have been flat out busy....working a few xtra hours this past week (which we really needed) thankful for that... It's been a time of waiting ... doing all we can until HE pushes the doors open...everything and I mean EVERYTHING is for a reason...ALL Father filtered....ahh...comfort~

. Then Kenzie came up (from So. Ca.) for a visit.... while her boy friend Scottie came down (from N Ca.). They met in the middle which is so sweet!

I also had a Birthday tea for my mum (she's an Aussie). It was lovely...her, my little sister with a friend of my mum's too. Lovely lovely....My Mum is a "proper" tea lady! Me, I am so vintage I mix and match , ruffles, sliver, crystal, candles and pink flowers, whatever makes my heart sing....I was a bit's funny I have never ever been nervous before about a tea...but Mum does is by the book with the forks, tea cups cake plates placed oh so proper! Well, she LOVED it! Yay! It was lovely and I think she turned 78?.....(she does not give her age away...a lady never should!). I made the most amazing chicken curry tea sandwiches with mango ...oh the recipe will make you weep! I baked dreamy cherry scones (cut in the flour,cream cheese and butter added the dried cherries) they were the MOST amazing moist buttery scones ever! I brought them to work and the ladies just went weak in the knees! I also made small butter half rolled with butter and almonds (ground) and the other with lemon and orange zest....woo hoo...come on over!

I have a few pictures for you of my place, now mind you I don't have everything hanging or my curtains up, I'm STILL playing around with the layout of things too... things are in little piles..ugh I'm so weird... (which I thought do I dare post know how we all get..oh well...maybe yo can help me...) I have a lovely old chandelier of my parents bought in Italy about 40 years ago....incredible I hope to hang in that dinning room....well you can see a glimpse of my pink kitchen....he he tiles are old pink... the windows to the right have small ocean veiws, palm trees.....the ocean roars like awesome is our God! We still can't belive we found this place.....It was SO the Lord we just stumbled on it...they even came down in the's small and sweet....! Bless you Jesus!

BTW I found a LOVEY shop while out and about with Kenzie one day. Ohhh It was dreamy! Posting those too!

Bless & hugs!

pamy j

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