Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a day with kenzie in orange coutny~

We had a lovely day with kenzie in orange county yesterday~ we just jumped in the car ( 3 hour drive) and went to see her! We spent the day just wondering around~ South Coast Plaza~ Fashion Island~the beach and home~ it was really fun to just be together! Here are some pictures of some homes by Kenzie's house (she lives in Huntington Beach down by the water). The homes are really lovely~One thing about California there is never a shortage of palm trees! South Coast Plaza and Fashion island are HUGE shopping malls that would make you weep-very upscale! Of course I saw this cute little antique shop & it was closed! It was in Corona Del Mar is case your wondering...I did peek in the window... just died! I had to leave all my chairs like that in New Zealand-boo hoo! Oh, and this poor wee dog! He was tied up out side of some bar in that flower pot as we were driving by! Giving thanks as usual to be with Kenzie again!

bless & hugs!

pamy j

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