Saturday, April 3, 2010

this man of mine blesses me~

My husband is just Mr. gift from above! He surprised me today with gifts (which he wrapped in lovely pink paper) a pink cake, balloons pink flowers all sitting so perfect on our dinning room table! He has always been like that, very thoughtful. He loves to wrap little gifts for me (which he does perfectly!). I think this year he was trying to make my day extra special because of the move and stress. We had a lovely day with lunch in a sweet little town and looking through a few adorable shops.......I'm SO blessed.....He is Mr. Gift! He always gives me the sweetest cards which make me cry....thought I'd share...

I also got a lovely pillow from Kenzie from Renovation Hardware....oooh love it...vintage linen with French writing....will show...

Here are some cute pics of the store we went into....Mark is so fun to go places with because he loves to look in shops with me....I'm really fortunate and so blessed...not only is he a hunk but a friend!
We came home and had my favorite cake with birthday cake ice cream from Doc Bernstein's OH INCREDIBLE!!
I love you honey.....thanks for making my day sooo special!
bless & hugs!
pamy j

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