Saturday, September 12, 2009

3 buckets full~

3 Buckets full~

My favorite little shop here in New Zealand! This shop is tiny~ but filled with so many little treasures...drawers and drawers of vintage jewels, buttons clasps and beads nothing new! Some dating into the 1800's. She has linens and vintage lace so rare . I only go once in a while as I can spend hours combing through the little drawers and she only takes cash ....which is a good thing! I always come out with some precious jewels and bitz and pieces~The lady that own's it is a wealth of knowledge about everything. I have even found jewels in here to replace the ones that have fallen out of my Nana's vintage necklace that was passed down to me. This place makes my heart sing! Make sure you click on these to see up close...dreamy vintage things!

I'm working on some things to post.... old wire bottles and vintage jewel things I'm making...just taking me a bit longer than i thought~ sorry!

Where do you draw your inspiration from? I was reading today during my study time in Daniel how he prayed with the window open (not afraid of who would see him)....I drew great inspiration from that~

It's a precious thing to bow your head and pray....even if others are watching-we serve an incredible God, what matters is He is looking and he hears ~
Bless and hugs!


shively4jesus said...

Oh Pamy, you're killing me! I love that store! Such a fun little getaway :)!

pamy j heart sings~ said...

oh shannon we have had some fun in there uh!

I went in there really quick yesterday....oh pray for me-my wish is to be locked in there over night! The little drawers are endless....i think of all the things I could make....I bought some adorable 1940's clasps....for four dollars each (nz) I will show what I'm doing with them soon...
I have been learning how to make handmade lace ( a lovely lady in our church is teaching me the forgotten art on Fridays when I can) ...old antique bobbins with glass hand painted beads on them from the turn of the century, I die when I just see the bobbins! i plan to use the clasps with the lace....

<3 me

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

ohhh what an amazing shop and so completely organized ! I cannot even imagine being that organized ~
I want to be in on one of your and Shannon's crafting times ~ I bet you are crazy busy when you go to Atascadero though ~
I just found out a friend of mine from elementary school goes to Shannon's church ~ It was fun to run in to her after about 18 years ~


pamy j heart sings~ said...

I Know Lori the lady that owns the shop has everything so perfect..she is a really organized! She told me she color coordinates her clothes- line
When I'm back for a visit...I will let you know. You fly out and we will do some vintage crafts with Shannon and Kristen who are amazing! (they are younger than me so their brains are fresher!). We would love to have you!!I am working on things to post....trying...