Monday, October 4, 2010

Ruby Rose~

OK MY NEW FAVORITE SHOPPE!!! This vintage shoppe is adorable! I met the owner Stephanie through my friend Kathy which I met through my really good friend Brenda! Ha! Have you ever walked into a little place and thought ...I could stay here all day! She has amazing vintage finds.....linens....vintage clothes....old tarnished silver....old bottles....just endless! These gals are true kindred spirits! Kathy my newest friend who lives around the corner from me...her sister owns Baby have got to buy that book! Google all about her she is amazing! It's all vegan and gluten free cakes, she was on Oprah...and Disneyland want her to sell her cakes in there too!

.....Kathy's house makes me cry it's beyond beautiful.....better than a stack of the most dreamy vintage French magazines! This girl is SO talented!

You have got to go to Ruby Rose and meet Stephanie....she is adorable.....she is only open on Thurs and Sat In San Luis Obispo.....don't worry about getting a coffee...there is the cutest shabby vintage trailer in front of store that sells delicious coffee!

Bless and hugs!

pamy j

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Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Pamy J ~
That is such a darling shop !! I want to go next time we venture to California ~
I am dying to see what you have been working on ~
When are you going to show us in blogland ?