Monday, October 4, 2010

rachel ashwell~remnants of the past show

Oh boy! I was sooooo thrilled and sooooo blessed to be able to go to the remnants of the past vintage show this past Saturday! I had heard about this show for sometime....but living overseas prevented me from attending. My sweet friend Judy puts this on twice a year. She has an amazing array of lovely lovely vender's from near and far! The french linens sent me! My heart was pounding I could feel its warmth as I looked around the one thing I noticed was these gals (thousands) precious gals all had that look about them. What look might you ask? Why, my look! Yes we are all connected in such a strange way. Our love of vintage jewelery...piled on....our funky purses....our layering of fabrics.....whites....creams...lace....and of course cowboy boots with dresses...heaven!

The highlight was meeting Rachel Ashwell.....she is just so beautiful~she was there signing her book. What a treat.. such beauty~ she is amazing! I have a picture of me with her...but I looked so bad ha ha!

bless & hugs!

pamy j

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