Sunday, January 24, 2010

sweat heart~

I saw this on Holly Doddle's blog...she makes such lovely things...had to post it!
~still waiting for our container to arrive and to move into our place Feb 1. I find myself at time thinking will I ever have a house again, my own things? Is my new dresser a suitcase? Meanwhile I am SO very thankful for this time of waiting and the place we have been given to stay until our place is ready.
My days are spent going over to my Mums applying online for jobs searching for something close to where we will be living (I'm 30 miles from there now ). Mark has been studying for a class he starts Monday that will last for two weeks (more on that later). We have spent a lot of time running around so many things .....phones we needed....starting PG&E account...mail plus we do not own anything electric anymore (different wattage) so if you are looking for a house warming gift (lol) I need kitchen name it whatever plugs in!
Today, Saturday, I found myself at the kitchen table in the home we are staying with the need to create. I had some old sheet music I copied at my Mums.(I found in an antique shop for 1.50)...white card stock...a few jewels and glue. I made a lovely vintage dove...I will take a picture and post it. It is just dreamy... I was feeling a bit blue, I looked down on the sheet music to see written 'trust in me'! I couldn't believe my eyes ! I cut it out & pasted it right across the front of the dove, a proud banner! It was as if the Lord hand wrote it Himself just for me!
trust in Me!
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

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