Tuesday, November 23, 2010

beauty beyond what we see~

Surgery was last Friday~ all went well. I was amazed at the peace of God that came over me before I was brought into the surgical unit. Then I felt as if I was in the most amazing deep sleep....much to my surprise to hear my name called as I opened my eyes I asked," was it in my lympthnodes"? They responded with no.
I cannot tell you the tears that rolled down my face looking to share with anyone in that room of God's amazing grace! And I did just that!
I have been recuperating at home with much love of old and new friends. We have been blessed with meals, phone calls and texts from all over the world....so thankful that you are my friends ! So thankful to know you have been praying for me....I can feel those prayers....i have so needed them!

Well, my road is one day at a time as I wait yet again. I must admit I don't like being in this "wait and see" mode.

I go to see the surgeon this Wed (day before Thanksgiving) to find out all of my pathology reports....stage this cancer ...know the treatment I have ahead of me (chemo/radiation). I have come off a mountain and feel a bit melancholy....and a wee bit tired....

My bandages are allowed to come off today...I can hardly look ....all of this is such a strange place to be at the moment.... i'm reminded of the inner beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit....
so...trust I do.....God has me in the palm of His hand and He promises to never let go....there I find my rest....in Him I get my strength for the next step....

here are some cute pics of a birdie from my friend Shannon a gift perched in a lovely plant accompanied by a sweet meal....
look closethis little birdie has sweet little paper words on his bottom that are shredded and aged....love it, love it!

bless & hugs
pamy j

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