Tuesday, December 8, 2009

will it fit~

After getting rid of half my stuff ....which was a painful process for me (not because I worship it or it was expensive) but because everything I have has a memory attached to it. I have had to downsize because the shipping container is SO expensive leaving NZ the 20ft container is costing us 13000 NZ dollars (we came with a 40ft) we are trusting God to provide for the expense which He is always faithful..... Well now the shipping man came by again to reassess our things. He just sent an email after doing the numbers and we have to get rid of more things. I have to now go through the boxes we ALREADY packed to reexamine what stays what goes. We are still over the limit.We have to leave all our garden furniture...beautiful huge Italian pots we bought for our first home which Mark just scrubbed for hours~plus more furniture etc...
Loved this picture above.....I am taking the chandelier that belonged to my parents...
how do you handle them? We all have different ones....but never the less trials.... pray the rest fits....I just want to finish!
Bless & hugs!
pamy j

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