Sunday, December 27, 2009

a frock ~

Before I left New Zealand Mark and I stayed our last couple days on the Kapti Coast which was wonderful~ We went to this little town to get a couple Christmas gifts for our kids. I saw this on one of the boutiques~
A frock is a dress in the New Zealand and Australian lingo~ I love it because my Nana (who is from Australia by Adelaide area) would always say "oh my frock isn't covering my legs-shocking"!
I thought this was just adorable and had to share!
As for now....well we are here in California. Had Christmas with our kids and my family. ....lots ahead of us while we are looking for a car to drive a place to live and what we are going to do here...been out all day searching~
a returning missionary....seems so strange~
Keep us in your prayers~
Bless & Hugs!
Pamy j

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