Friday, February 18, 2011


today I will live in the moment~
today I will be creative~
today I will be kind~
today I will try my hardest~
today I will rejoice~
today I will forgive~
today I will be strong~
today I will sing~
today I will reach out to someone~
today I will live~

lovely pics from dreamy whites blog~

bless & hugs~
pamy j


Anonymous said...

Thought that i would have a peak at your blog and to send you my love!
I bought a crochet bed spread in white the other day and thought that you would like it! from an op shop in Miramar! Hope your treatment is going well our prayers are for you.
Love....the English Rose in Kiwi Land...Heather xx

pamy j heart sings~ said...

love you too Heather! Thank you...The bedspread sounds wonderful! I will email you xoxo