Saturday, February 27, 2010

on your toes~

I had dreams last night I was walking around on my toes~

did you know there was a movie called this?

On Your Toes was originally conceived as a film, and as a vehicle for Fred Astaire. His refusal of the part, because he thought that the role clashed with his debonair image developed in his contemporary films, caused it to be produced as a theatrical performance. Richard Rodgers wrote: "Astaire at that point in his career was a pretty chic fellow who usually wore white ties and tails, and the producers felt that there was no chance in our script for him to appear that way."[1][2] Astaire thought that the ballet background in the plot was too "highbrow" for his audiences.[3]Ray Bolger was given the role, which allowed him to rise to stardom

It made me think... watch out if you think your above something! You never know what God is doing.....I want to be on my toes and rise to His stardom! He may have something SO awesome for you...could PRIDE be in your way?.....someone else may get the blessing!

bless & hugs
pamy j

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