Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do You ever stop and ponder for a minute about how God has made us all unique and different? Why is it that we love what we love? With that I mean pretty ~ My pretty may be different from your pretty but we still love it the same.

I was hoping to have a blog to capture the things that are pretty the things that are good...the things that inspire us. To me the Word of God is pretty (my Bible is black) when I open it the words jump out at me and make me so complete, it speaks to my most inner parts. I'm kind of funny but I like the way the pages feel and the way they are so thin and fine, with black ink. I love the History, I love the people I love the knowledge, but most I love the way Christ loves me through it. I even love the way my Bible smells!

In the old testament (Exodus) the Artisan's were filled with the spirit of God in wisdom, understanding, knowledge and all manner of workmanship to do all the fine work on the building of the tabernacle! The women it says were specifically gifted artisans they spun yarn with their hands! It says there were engravers & designers they worked with the jewels for setting in carved wood (how ornate it was!) they also did artistic works on gold and silver and so much more.. It was God who gifted them with the empowering of the Holy Spirit! It's God who gifts our hands!

I have often thought Lord you have gifted my hands for a reason~ I don't want to waste what you have given me! I find a sense of real joy in creating things I stand back and just look knowing it's a work in progress ~ I can only imagine the joy He had over creation...and He is perfecting us!

The Lord pressed on my heart that He gave me these gifts for a reason and lead me to incorporate them to bless other women along with the teaching of the Word of God first then the pretty to bless! Simple little pretties along the way to help you remember what you've just studied! I love to bless with lovely teas different artsy craftsy  nights together with my ladies in-between studies...I think it's important to teach the younger women to be keepers of their homes teaching them to study their their husbands...and be resourcful~ I am the OP (thrift) shop queen!

I hope to inspire on this blog....glean from you...share fabulous studies we have encountered and grown so much through ...share the lovely women who write such great studies...share my heart... share my resources - where to find great stuff...ideas for a bit of vintage ....and through it all share the love of Jesus!

 Inspired to Bless!


shively4jesus said...

Hi Pamy,
So glad to see you've got your blog up! I look forward to see how the Lord uses you through it!
Love you,

pamy j heart sings~ said...

Shannon you are so sweet~ I'm excited too! Finally!

chickie d said...

Hi pamy j!
How exciting for you. Well done! I'm looking forward to following your blog. I'm still jealous that NZ has you and we don't.

Love you, my friend. Blessings from Paso!

cindy said...

pamy j
wow! i love it! thank you for your devotion and love for women who desire a closer walk with Jesus, and who love the pretties n pink too. c u on the bike trail....

pamy j heart sings~ said...

Thanks gals for the kindiness!
<3 <3

I feel loved~ <3

Anonymous said...

I just left you a hecka long comment and it erased it...

lol I love what you have done it is amazing, you are truly talented

The page is so delicately put together and so dreamy.
I never thought about the bible like that what a neat way to think about its beauty,

I am so fortunate to have a mother like you, you have taught me so much about what it means to be a woman of God and you have shown me love and hospitality in so many ways. I hope i have hown my thankfulness in all teh little things you have done for me over the years

I am so amazed with your mind and how you can put things togther and decorate, especially my room :D you have done a great job

Im inspired to use what the lord has given me even more so now and im excited for you and your new blog, you have so many fun ideas and such a great joy that i know this will be a blessing for many.

I cant wait to be near you again and experience fun girly things together again. Im praying for ya :)

your biggest fan :D

pamy j heart sings~ said...
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pamy j heart sings~ said...

I Love you so much McKenzie! You are sooo sweet to leave me such a lovely comment like that! I see Jesus in thakful for that in you life!

Love you mommy~

pamy j heart sings~ said...

Yes Cindy! The bike trail!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was feeling miserable this a.m, with my neck pain back with a vengence and then i read your email and went onto your lovely blog and then started to read your friends experience with the chemo and i felt my heart lift!
God IS good His mercies endure forever, and yes the joy of the Lord is our strength!
Bless you

pamy j heart sings~ said...

I love you Heather! ...I'm praying for you~
God is so good....Lenya is a lovely pastors wife from New Mexico...she has written many books that God has used to touch many lives.....I love her..and I am so encouraged by her faith too!

Love you!